Stark Stats Provide Context for Upcoming Workshop Led by National Expert

The backdrop for the upcoming workshop by Betsy Barefoot, Vice President of the John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education, to be held on September 27 at Housatonic Community College, is a series of sit-up-and-take-notice statistics:

The high school class of 2004:
41% completed a postsecondary credential
33% were still enrolled
26% had no college enrollment
13% graduated from a Connecticut college or university

And these statistics for the class of 2010
42% tested for English and math for developmental education at Connecticut Community Colleges vs. 26% at Connecticut State Universities
89% of Black students and 80% of Hispanic students tested for developmental education at Connecticut Community Colleges, vs. 80% and 79% at Connecticut State Universities

To register for the September 27 workshop, contact The program is co-sponsored by Housatonic Community College, the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities, Goodwin College,? the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.